Hello and welcome to the website of my dark alter ego S M Hardy. It has been a long and strange path, but here we are and if you like a tingle down the spine and a supernatural twist to your crime fiction you are in exactly the right place.

I have always had an interest in the spookier things in life and I guess I have my parents to blame. My dad was a film buff and amongst all the magazines he used to get sent to him from the States (this was before the internet and magazines being available worldwide) there were always a few monster and horror mags. Before I could even read I would hide away in a corner gazing at the black and white photographs of Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula and the Mummy. As you can imagine, once I learnt to write, and wrote my first stories for English class, a few eyebrows were raised by my choice of subject matter!

Then, of course, there was my mother. When asked whether I believe in the supernatural my head would answer no, my heart however can only give one reply – yes. From a young age I always knew my mother was different. Some of my school friends called her a witch and were too scared to ring in the door just in case she answered. In fact she was a psychic. This is how I learned about Ouija boards – and that they are dangerous. Do I have one? Yes, I have four. Have I ever used them – no! I am not an idiot.

So, now you know where I get my weirdness from and why I like writing about the darker side of life and death. I could regale you with tales from when I was a child, but all I will say is my childhood was – interesting.

If you want to ask me any questions you can here and I will post an answer or you can find me on Twitter @SueTingey. Otherwise I will try to keep you up to date with any news I might have or events I am attending right here or, of course, you can sign up to my newsletter.

Thanks for visiting – I hope you will come back some time soon.

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